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About Crisisboardroom®

Business interruption and downtime are a growing issue when crisis events occur. Crisisboardroom® has been designed to improve the efficiency of Businesses' and Organisations' response to crisis events.

Designed by crisis command experts, Crisisboardroom® has been developed during crisis simulations around the world.

It has been used at several 'real' crisis events and proven its worth as a crisis command resource. Essentially it speeds up the formation of a crisis command team, priority selection and communication message deployment.

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The Crisisboardroom® kit contains a full set of 52 colour coded wall boards, including Quick Start, Site Recovery, Business Recovery and Command.

Also included are a Command Kit - everything necessary for Gold and Silver Commanders to establish command and record their actions - Team ID (badges, vests, role booklets), Press Kit, Investigation Kit, Finance Kit, Stationery and Toolkit all contained in zipped bags. Colour coding and icons simplify use.

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Crisisboardroom® Compact

Crisisboardroom® COMPACT, designed for SMEs, includes key elements from the main kit, designed to guide you through the management of a crisis event, all contained in a bag.

It can be used for invaluable staff training, so should you be faced with an abnormal and unstable situation that threatens your organisation's strategic objectives, reputation or viability, your team is prepared.

Crisisboardroom® COMPACT contains a set of essential colour coded wall boards, plus other key components, all packaged in zipped bags.

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