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About Crisisboardroom®

Crisisboardroom®: The answer to handling a crisis as margins are squeezed


  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Crisisboardroom® Kit
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A New Tool for Crisis Management

After months of real life and simulation exercises, Crisisboardroom®, a new tool to help businesses manage a crisis is being launched next month at the BCI World Conference and Exhibition in London.

In emergencies, what an organisation needs to control these extremely stressful and fast-moving situations is contained in a mobile case known as the Crisisboardroom® - an all-in-one kit that has already proved invaluable in serious incidents across the world, in the US, UK, China, Germany and Belgium.

Crisisboardroom® is designed to be a portable resource kit, providing a simple and effective command tool to visualise the status of a crisis. It contains templates and checklists for crisis command with tools and accessories that, over years of use in real situations, have been found to enhance a crisis response.

Quickly Restore Business Operations

For the Crisisboardroom® team, their evidence of the effectiveness of the kit comes from the people who use it and know first-hand of its value both in simulations and real-life tests. One of those who used it for real said: 'The boardroom kit provided a ready-made structure and process for quickly restoring business operations. The set up by functional requirements saved time during the critical golden hour while allowing us to set focused objectives.' Another customer acting as a gold commander in a simulation said simply, he didn't think he could have carried out the role without it.

Crisisboardroom® is the invention of a team who are experts in crisis management and business continuity. They designed it from their own experience in major emergencies and from watching other organisations in crisis situations. Head of the company, Russ Timpson, has a background in Royal Navy submarines, Fire Service and the Airline industry.

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Colossal Pressure on Business

He says: 'There is currently a colossal pressure on businesses with margins being cut back and it becomes impossible to meet every single target with pressing budgets. It is in this gap when a business measures risks where Crisisboardroom® becomes a valuable tool. Leaders prepare for a crisis hoping they never have to face one in their whole careers. This toolkit takes the organisational lead for them in the event they have to activate their crisis plans.'

Within the kit, a crisis response team will find:

  • An easy to follow process for efficient command in the heat of a crisis event
  • Leading to a 'unique' structure and shape to the crisis response
  • That does not require extensive training or preparation
  • Has low tech resilient tools and accessories, i.e. no wires or IT
  • Is based on techniques that have been tried and tested globally

"This Kit is Effective and it Works"

Russ Timpson said: 'We found businesses do have good business continuity plans written up but the problem was, when an emergency happened, no one had read them. We know this kit is effective. It works. It's designed to be intuitive.' Crisisboardroom® offers a free training session with every Crisisboardroom® kit purchased to ensure it is used effectively.

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BCI World Conference and Exhibition

Businesses interested in Crisisboardroom® are invited to meet the team at the BCI World Conference and Exhibition in London on 5 and 6 November 2019 at the Novotel London, West Hammersmith, W6 8DR.